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Taking that first step to reach out for support can be anxiety provoking and humbling.  As a social worker who provides counseling services, it is always my focus to help you start your journey where you feel comfortable as it is your journey.  I truly believe we all doe the best we can in the moment, but we are human and that means things we have the opportunity to grow. I believe that we learn how to cope in the most difficult of situations and it is those strengths that helped us survive and with increased insight those strengths can be adjusted and built upon to be more functional in the moment and to purse the future we desire.

Counseling isn’t just about talking, it’s about increasing insight, evaluating perceptions and learning to deal with life’s difficulties while pursuing change.  I truly believe in a practical, individualized “”TEAM” approach using your knowledge, strengths and supports, together, while utilizing quality, evidence based, individualized interventions. I do this via a variety of flexible techniques and modalities with a foundation in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy ……but with a twist…………a Multi-Modal approach……with a sense of humor!

Counseling Services:

Mental health and Substance Abuse services with adolescents and adults, particularly teen girls.

Individual/Family Counseling Services

Co-occurring Disorder Treatment:  Substance Abuse (Addiction) and Mental/Behavioral Health

Anxiety Disorders:  Social Anxiety, Fear, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, Stress related difficulties

Depression Treatment and treatment of mood related disorders

Life Management, adjustment, parenting

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Saturdays by appointment.

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