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Managing the holidays!!

We all like to believe that the holidays are a magical and wonderful time.  Although, this may be true at times, it isn’t always the case.  Many of us have such high expectations for the day that we stress over gifts, money and get caught up in the hype and lose the moment, the exact one we have been trying to create. Not to get all corny, but we try so hard to “make” things memorable that it often results in more discomfort and disappointment when it doesn’t surmount to this momentous occasion.  If we have what we need, we are with those we care about or know they are there by our side, try to remember that gifts don’t buy connection, loyalty, love, (not in the end), but being present is a gift in and of itself.  So put away the over priced gift wrap that ends up in the trash, stop stressing about the gifts that no one really NEEDS, and put down the cell phone cameras and make memories that last.  Do we really remember the gifts in the end or the memories?

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